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Each of the Coaches at IGC Academy have been carefully selected by Director of Methodology Chris Rutherford.

The IGC Academy Methodology has been meticulously designed to ensure that golfers of all skill levels, ages and genders can benefit from its content, continue to improve their games and work towards becoming the best player they can possibly be.

The Coaching team have been trained on a holistic methodology to ensure that every participant works within their physical and psychological capacity and are skilled to ensure that their basic fundamentals provide the framework for their swing.

Recognising that golf swings are similar to fingerprints, in that no two are the same, and taking into account an individuals needs and goals, this holistic training approach will cover the following areas:

  • The swing & all facets of the technical side of the game
  • Equipment
  • Physical Fitness
  • Bio-Mechanical Evaluation & Improvement
  • Physiotherapy
  • Sports Psychology
  • Diet & Nutrition
  • Podiatry

Where well respected outside professional services are utilised, a collaborative approach is used between all parties to ensure outcomes are maximised.


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Chris Rutherford

After completing his apprenticeship with the Australian PGA and joining its ranks as a Full Member in 1987, Chris then spent the next seven years as a full time Touring Pro, achieving success through developing and fine tuning a solid, all round game.

In 1994 he joined Charlie Earp as Assistant Professional at Royal Queensland Golf Club in Brisbane, Australia and as they say the rest is history.

Chris has spent the past 32 years, including the past 13 years as Head Professional of Royal Queensland Golf Club, drawing on his genuine passion for the game and has built an enviable reputation in the fields of instruction, club fitting and administrator of professional golf.

Over the years, Chris has been meticulous in developing a holistic approach to golf instruction which he is proud to pass on to not only his students but also his fellow instructors at IGC Academy.

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Don Fardon

After a lengthy playing career at both Amateur and Professional level, Don commenced his Coaching career at Links Hope Island in 1999, before spending 8 years at the Gary Edwin Academy at the Glades, and then returning to Links Hope Island where he has built an enviable reputation as a sought after, fully accredited PGA Teaching Professional.

Don has used this experience and his extensive understanding of the game to coach and guide players to win various Australian Amateur tiles as well has having played an important part of a number of Tour Players successes.

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Ryan Haller

Ryan Haller is a wonderful ambassador for the game of golf. Whether he is in the heat of the battle on the course (Ryan still holds his Australian PGA Tour card and plays regularly in the major events held around the country), or providing lessons to his students, his passion to get the best result possible is infectious.

Looking to the future, in 2015, in between his busy playing schedule, Ryan successfully completed his studies with the Australian PGA, under the watchful eye of IGC Academy Director of Methodology Chris Rutherford, and obtained his full Vocational PGA Membership.

His understanding of the technical side of golf, combined with his tactical ability to get the job done and his wonderful empathetic nature have ensured that the time he has allocated to teaching has been as successful as his playing career.

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Evan Sinclair

Evan Sinclair is a passionate and enthusiastic coach who prides himself on the outcomes he creates for his students.

Like the rest of the Instruction team at IGC Academy Links Hope Island, Evan had a strong Amateur career representing Queensland in Development, Colts and Mens Squads before gaining his PGA Membership, playing on tour and then starting his Coaching career in 2014.

Evan still plays selected events on the Australian Tour, however he derives great satisfaction from coaching and is passionate in helping players gain optimum levels of consistency from their games.

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Darren Weatherall

Darren Weatherall is a well educated student of the game of golf, who through his undeniable passion for coaching, easy to apply methods and exemplary communication skills is building a wonderful reputation as one of Australia’s finest modern coaches.

Darren was listed as a finalist for the 2015 Queensland PGA Teaching Professional of the Year and regularly has articles published for Australia’s #1 golf publication, Inside Golf.

Although based in Brisbane, Darren has committed two days of his in demand schedule (Tuesday’s and Thursday’s), each week, to work with students at Links Hope Island. We have no doubt that these times will fill quickly and welcome Darren to IGC Academy team.


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Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Private Lessons are designed for individuals who want to gain maximum improvement in the shortest period of time possible. Gaining the total focus of your coach for an allocated period of time ensures a personal approach to your game improvement. Under the IGC Academy Methodology your Coach will become an integral part of your future golfing endeavours and will initiate communication at regular intervals to ensure that your game is on track, and be there with you to tick off your goals as you achieve them.

Our menu of Private Lessons have been designed with all budgets in mind.




IGC Academy Clinics have been designed to ensure that participants of equal skill level are grouped together to enjoy the innovative teaching IGC methodology, achieve meaningful results and satisfy every budget.

IGC Clinics are the perfect vehicle to develop all areas of your game in a determined period of time and utilise the wonderful facilities that Links Hope Island and the IGC Academy offer.


Master classes

Master classes

Masterclasses are the ultimate IGC Academy experience. Overseen by Director of Methodology Chris Rutherford, participants games are assessed both on and off the course, across a wide range of disciplines, and programs are put into place to ensure that results are achieved long after the Masterclass has concluded.

Masterclasses are individually designed to ensure that participants desires and expectations are not only met, but exceeded.

Masterclasses can be organised for between one and three participants at a time, held for between 1-5 days. Accomodation, transfers and gourmet dining experiences can be organised as part of the IGC Academy Masterclass program upon request.


The Power Hour Series

Power Hour Series

The Power Hour Series are an innovative IGC Academy coaching initiative that will be programmed throughout the year. Power Hours are a great way to learn a particular golfing discipline interactively with the IGC Coaching team in an instruction based manner. Power Hours are informative, educational and fun.


The Seminar Series

Seminar Series

The Seminar Series has been designed by the team at IGC Academy to address areas of the game that the Professionals constantly do, yet the majority of amateur golfers do not.

All seminars will be held off-course, will be presented by our IGC Academy Coaching Team and industry professionals, who are recognised specialists within their fields of expertise.


Personalised Programs

Personalised Programs

Personalised Programs are perfect for golfers who are committed to becoming the best they can be. Personalised programs can be created for a golfer no matter their age, gender, handicap or budget.

Personalised Programs will embrace the holistic methodology taught by the IGC Academy and will integrate outside services when required.

If you have the commitment, we can design a Personalised Program that will have you optimising your outcomes consistently.



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