Quick Sixes


  • What is Quick Sixes Corporate?

Quick Sixes is an innovative, exciting and competitive 12-hole golf concept .

Quick Sixes is exactly that ? Two six-hole formats that will reshape the way the Corporate Golf Day is staged. It is less time intrusive, played on courses of high quality and in a format that will suit golfers of all levels.

Handicaps are not compulsory as Quick Sixes has developed its own system to ensure maximum participation and ultimate result integrity.

Gone are the days of having to lose a whole day to attend a Corporate Golf Day or Charity Event ? Quick Sixes will have you back at your desk in no time.

  • Quick Sixes Corporate-Services

Quick Sixes Corporate offers high quality golf event management, allowing you to maximise your return from the event. The innovative, friendly nature of the Quick Sixes concept allows you to spend valuable time with your clients, whilst we ensure the event runs smoothly and customer satisfaction is maximised. A Quick Six Corporate golf event can be created to meet most budgets. Services available include:

  • An innovative 12-hole golf layout, on a premium course of your choice. (subject to availability)
  • Availability to run 3 individual or linked events on the one day, with a maximum of 72 players in each event
  • Valet bag drop
  • A personal and efficient registration process
  • Quality catering to meet any budget
  • Possible sponsorship support to maximise returns for the day.
  • Free range balls prior to the event
  • Electric carts, if required. (subject to availability at selected course)


  • A flexible competition structure to suit all standards of golfer
  • Management of the handicap and scoring system
  • Access to customising quality gifts for attendees
  • Access to quality prize run downs if required
  • Professional prize presentation
  • PGA Golf Professionals available for pre-game clinics, innovative on-course participation, presentation and after dinner speaking
  • Access to celebrity involvement if required (and budget allows).
  • A list of inclusive features, unique to Quick Sixes, which will not only keep Quick Sixes ahead of the market but ensure that all participants will love the experience and wanting them to go back for more.
  • Why Use Quick Sixes Corporate?

The Corporate Golf Day needs revitalising. Busy corporate professionals can no longer afford the best part of a full day to attend these events. They also struggle to stay after a day on the course, to enjoy the hospitality of the hosts, due to busy personal commitments. This leads to marketing dollars being spent without gaining maximum returns.

Quick Sixes Corporate has been designed to halt this slide and reinvigorate the Corporate Golf Day. The 12-hole event is designed to take 2? hours playing time? even less in electric carts.

Field sizes can be as little as 48 up to as many as 72 for an individual event. Up to 3 events can be held in a day if required.

Packages can be constructed to suit most budgets, and our team is trained to ensure that the day is of high quality and runs without a hitch.

Ideal for any product launch, customer relations practice or staff building exercise, Quick Sixes can be big enough to make an impact and intimate enough to make a difference.

Quick Sixes is also a perfect way to raise considerable funds for any charity, not-for-profit organisation or school.

Connect through Quick Sixes Corporate.

  • Can I Sponsor / Partner through Quick Sixes Corporate?

Limited Opportunities exist for suitable Corporate Partners to align with the phenomenon that is Quick Sixes Corporate.

This provides a unique opportunity for aligned brands or businesses to gain exposure to this highly sought-after target market.

Our aim is to provide a platform to expose suitable, innovative, quality products to qualified markets? If you feel you have an opportunity that is mutually beneficial, then please feel free to contact us below.


What is Quick Sixes Shootout?

Quick Sixes Shootout is a high quality, competitive, multi level 12-hole golf competition that will motivate the busy corporate golfer and re-engage their love for the game.

Quick Sixes has been designed to fit into your busy professional and personal life.

Split into two innovative 6-hole formats, Quick Sixes will provide an event that everyone will want to win and have their name on the trophy.

Quick Sixes Shootout will take no prisoners. It will be fast. It will furious. It is not for the faint hearted.

Due to release in 2016, Quick Sixes Shootout will have you grabbing your mates or work colleagues, creating your 4-person team and practicing hard to ensure you are there in the final.

Register your interest below to ensure you dont miss out.


Ian Perkins
International Golf Concepts

Phone: 0418194123,
Email: info@quicksixesgolf.com.au


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Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Private Lessons are designed for individuals who want to gain maximum improvement in the shortest period of time possible. Gaining the total focus of your coach for an allocated period of time ensures a personal approach to your game improvement. Under the IGC Academy Methodology your Coach will become an integral part of your future golfing endeavours and will initiate communication at regular intervals to ensure that your game is on track, and be there with you to tick off your goals as you achieve them.

Our menu of Private Lessons have been designed with all budgets in mind.




IGC Academy Clinics have been designed to ensure that participants of equal skill level are grouped together to enjoy the innovative teaching IGC methodology, achieve meaningful results and satisfy every budget.

IGC Clinics are the perfect vehicle to develop all areas of your game in a determined period of time and utilise the wonderful facilities that Links Hope Island and the IGC Academy offer.


Master classes

Master classes

Masterclasses are the ultimate IGC Academy experience. Overseen by Director of Methodology Chris Rutherford, participants games are assessed both on and off the course, across a wide range of disciplines, and programs are put into place to ensure that results are achieved long after the Masterclass has concluded.

Masterclasses are individually designed to ensure that participants desires and expectations are not only met, but exceeded.

Masterclasses can be organised for between one and three participants at a time, held for between 1-5 days. Accomodation, transfers and gourmet dining experiences can be organised as part of the IGC Academy Masterclass program upon request.


The Power Hour Series

Power Hour Series

The Power Hour Series are an innovative IGC Academy coaching initiative that will be programmed throughout the year. Power Hours are a great way to learn a particular golfing discipline interactively with the IGC Coaching team in an instruction based manner. Power Hours are informative, educational and fun.


The Seminar Series

Seminar Series

The Seminar Series has been designed by the team at IGC Academy to address areas of the game that the Professionals constantly do, yet the majority of amateur golfers do not.

All seminars will be held off-course, will be presented by our IGC Academy Coaching Team and industry professionals, who are recognised specialists within their fields of expertise.


Personalised Programs

Personalised Programs

Personalised Programs are perfect for golfers who are committed to becoming the best they can be. Personalised programs can be created for a golfer no matter their age, gender, handicap or budget.

Personalised Programs will embrace the holistic methodology taught by the IGC Academy and will integrate outside services when required.

If you have the commitment, we can design a Personalised Program that will have you optimising your outcomes consistently.



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Copyright 2001 – 2016 International Golf Concepts | ABN 00 000 000 000 | Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions