Kids Golf - ICG Australia

Parents have so many choices when it comes to choosing a sport for their children to learn and play, however none offer the development benefits like golf, both from a physical and personal level. 

Non contact sport

Golf is safe and gentle on bodies of all shapes and sizes.

Golf is Great for all ages

International Golf Concepts coaching ensures that every child’s development is continually assessed by our professional trainers and their skills are enhanced  progressively.

Its challenging yet fun

Golf teaches wonderful life skills like, practice makes perfect and if you want to achieve success then you have to work hard for it.

Built on wonderful foundation principles

The rules of the game demand that every player abides by them. In turn they are bound to make decisions whilst playing that require honesty, discipline and self assessment.

Children will make lifelong friendships and contacts

Spending up to five hours a round with people ensures that not only does a players communication skills improve, but also that friendships and relationships are developed through an enjoyable common interest.

Located in the beautiful Links Hope Island (Australia), International Golf Concepts is well equipped to take care of your child's first steps in golf.  Our professional trainers include Chris Rutherford, Don Fardon, Ryan Haller, Evan sinclair darren weatherall. Book A lesson with them today.